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All films, all works of art for that matter, start in the same place: with an idea. Once you have an idea you have a story.

Producing a truly compelling documentary is not a straight forward job! We do the research required to gain a full understanding of your project and then transform this research into a unique and engaging narrative.

Laurence Edwards - Creek Men

Britten's got talent

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Charles Hewlings - She Is Love & The Angel's Ear

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Simply Schubert

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Laurence Edwards photo

Writer: Robin Brooks

Director: Fiona McAlpine

Composer: Damian Evans

Choreographer: Louisa McAlpine

Reviewer: Michael Gray

The Public Review


'What better birthday celebration for Baron Britten of Aldeburgh than this irreverent musical comedy by Suffolk writer Robin Brooks ?

Despite the flippant, catch-penny title, there’s plenty of food for thought to be savoured along with the birthday cake, mixed in with the silliness and the cabaret songs.

Not, alas, Ben’s own cabaret songs, to Auden’s verses, but workmanlike, clever little numbers from Damian Evans: At Home in Aldeburgh, Pacifism and the keynote quartet Britten is Blessed...'

In Creek Men, Suffolk-born sculptor and caster Laurence Edwards, tells the story of his bronze men, of how an idea grew from mud into bronze and became a journey; of how moments of belonging, uncertainty and imagination made giants.

Charles Hewlings studied sculpture under Antony Caro and Phillip King at St Martins School of Art in the early 1970s, and at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He has exhibited throughout Europe and USA.


Hewlings challenges our ideas about the materials from which sculptures are made. His abstract sculptures resemble remnants from another existence or procedure; they conjure up obsolete industrial objects.


Humphrey Burton has assembled five concerts for his 80th birthday, reflecting the many-sided genius of his favourite composer, Franz Schubert, here performed by international soloists and local

musicians. In association with Aldeburgh Music Club, all profits go to East Anglian Children’s Hospices.

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Shalom - Kevin & Kelly

From their album - 'Acoustic Session # 2'


Kev Walford is currently collaborating, recording and gigging with Kelly Pritchard. Their music is Americana/Folk with lots of harmonies and good times. They commisioned this video, for 'Shalom', to launch their new album.